Stockmoor & Wilstock Timebank

Making time for each other

What is a Timebank?

Timebanking Heart

What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is a fabulous way for people to help each other, build relationships and be recognised for the help that they give.

Residents can join the Stockmoor & Wilstock Timebank as members and then for every hour’s help they give to another person (e.g. computer lessons, mending a gutter, baking a birthday cake or help with gardening) they'll receive one Time Credit. This can be 'spent' to receive help from another member (e.g. bike fixing, sharing a lift somewhere, an exercise class or help with a computer programme). 

Everyones' time is of equal value.

Exchanges don't have to be a give-take scenario between two people; timebanking is a cycle of exchanges that continues on with many Timebank members.

What can I Exchange?

Most of the skills swapped through a Timebank are those that you could reasonably expect your neighbour to be able to do for you, such as car washing, gardening, language skills, cooking, cleaning, ironing, D.I.Y, sewing, baking cakes,  musical instrument lessons, decorating…you get the point.

Stockmoor & Wilstock Timebank members aren’t able to do tasks that need a professional – like repairing the brakes on a car, or doing electrical, plumbing or gas work. But there are thousands of things that can be done and we’ll help you discover them!

We will also have members who are organisations, such as local businesses, charities and public services. These can offer professional services in return for Time Credits and we’ll be running lots of projects for the whole community to get involved in.

Do I have to pay anything?

No money changes hands at any point – and it doesn’t affect anyone receiving benefits. Most importantly, in the Timebank an hour is worth an hour, no matter what the skill on offer. So if you help someone in their garden for one hour, that’s one Time Credit. If you help someone with their shopping for an hour, that’s also one Time Credit. 1 hour = 1 hour.

Organisations can also join. Member organisations put in their own resources in return for help or resources from other members, individuals or organisations. 

This means we'll be able to offer a variety of organisation run projects, donated event tickets (eg: cinema or theatre) and other items as part of the Timebank.

Timebanking, A Simple Example ...

Timebanking Example

Cathy does Sophia’s nails

And uses her Time Credit to have John give her guitar lessons

 John then spends his Time Credit learning how to bake a sponge cake from Claire

Claire is happy to get some fitness advice from Helen

And Helen uses her credit to learn how to use Social Media from Harry

Harry then gets help from Sam for his home DIY projects

And on it goes…